About Me

Welcome to the Silver Dragon’s Book Hoard!

Silver Raine is the pen name of I.Z. I’m an aspiring writer, book lover and first-time blogger from Pakistan. I have a B.A. in Computer Science and English Literature, and an M.A in English. This blog is a place for my thoughts about books, reading, writing, and language learning, and how it all relates to my life in general. I read across a wide range of genres, usually depending on my mood, ranging from my current obsession with sff and cozy mysteries to classics, fairy-tales, gothic horror, science nonfiction, mysteries, true crime, comics, manga and so on.

This blog is also a place where I can let my imagination soar, sometimes by writing stories and poems and sometimes by taking on different personas, like a dragon, an elf queen, or a traveller between worlds. I’m also a very shy introverted person so hopefully this blog will also help me make more bookish friends.

Thanks for visiting!