15 Favourite Bookish Magazines

Here is a list of fifteen of my favourite bookish websites and magazines. The ones that publish original short-stories which I sometimes like to read are marked with an asterisk.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites


For Fantasy and speculative fiction


SFF books, discussions, new releases, original short stories, art, excerpts, rereads, free books, giveaways. Tor.com is a perfect site for SF and fantasy readers. A current favourite of mine!

Beneath Ceaseless Skies*

BCS publishes literary adventure fantasy, set in secondary-world or historical settings, there are only 2 stories per issue, with a new issue every two weeks, plus audio podcasts including some of these stories.

The Book Smugglers*

SFF blog + publishes fiction / nonfiction, home of Book Smugglers Publishin. Checkout some of their free novellas/stories like Spindle City Mysteries as well as their Women To Read feature. I love how they do these fun interviews with authors along with each story.

Uncanny Magazine*

SFF uncanny/experimental stories and poems, interviews essays, from writers of diverse backgrounds.  Every issue contains around 6 stories, 3 poems, 4 nonfiction essays, and 2 interviews. They also have a monthly podcast.


Book Riot

Everybody should check this website out! It has sections for major genres like SFF, romance, YA, mystery, non-fic, comics.  Features news, links, lists, essays, discussions about books and reading, several podcasts.  I consider this my second favourite website after Tor.com.

Apex Magazine

I don’t like horror but sometimes you can find a beautiful gem of a story. Horror SFF stories, poems, a few essays/editorials and interviews each month. “Works full of marrow and passion, stories that are twisted, strange, and beautiful. Creations where secret places and dreams are put on display.”


For Literary and bookish discussions

Brainpickings by  Maria Popova

Features interesting and inspiring articles across art, science, philosophy, creativity, children’s books. This is a beautiful one for when you’re feeling uninspired.

Electric Literature

Literary discussions, essays, criticism, stories, and a Read More Women campaign. Read something lighthearted about 10 Animals Who Have Broken Into the Library or a serious one like Black Language Shouldn’t Have to Be Muted for White Readers.

Atlas Obscura

A fine resource to discover and explore the wonderful and curious things about our world both past and present. Checkout the Books category for bookish discoveries.

Literary Hub or Lithub

News, ideas and essays about the contemporary literary life, book reviews, excerpts, interviews, reading lists, etc.

Other websites for specific Genres:

Crime Fiction Lover

Reviews mostly. It’s where I always go to learn about mystery books I might want to read.


Writings, discussions and lists about mystery, thriller and true crime books and culture.

Crime Books to Feed Your Addiction (1)

Arabic Literature (in English)

The History Reader

From ancient and medieval to modern and military history, The History Reader contains  “articles, interviews, insights, and further reading for history buffs and book lovers everywhere.” Links to several other history blogs as well.

Epic Reads for YA

If you love YA you must visit this site. I especially love the quizzes and the Book Nerd Problems videos. There are also book lists, anticipated new releases and bookish horoscopes.

Crime Books to Feed Your Addiction (2)


To read FREE YA books online from the publisher, in addition to bookish articles/lists/quizzes.




7 thoughts on “15 Favourite Bookish Magazines”

  1. Great post! I also love Tor – I often read the short stories they publish on their website. I also really enjoy watching Epic Reads youtube channel because their videos are so relatable haha. I feel like they really capture what it’s like to be a bookworm with a super big tbr pile.

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