New Books Acquired for the Hoard this Month (July 2018)


I haven’t been reading much lately due to being unwell and having recently started my book blog – ironic really. But getting a stack of precious new books is always fun and comforting.

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Here are the books I got this month. Clicking on the cover will take you to the Goodreads page.

City of Lies (Poison Wars #1) by Sam Hawke

I read an excerpt at and it sounded interesting. Poison masters, murder, mystery, and intrigue.

Ravencry (Raven’s Mark #2) by Ed McDonald

This is a sequel to Blackwing which I read last year and sort of liked? It’s Grimdark fantasy, so a bit out of my comfort zone but I was curious enough about the magic to get through it. Not sure when I’ll read this one as I’ve been in a sci-fi mood lately.

The Calculating Stars (Lady Astronaut #1) by Mary Robinette Kowal

One of my favourite sci-fi reviewers on booktube made this book sound amazing. Female astronauts! I’m supposed to be starting chapter ten.

Deep Roots (The Innsmouth Legacy #2) by Ruthanna Emrys

This is a sequel to Winter Tide, which has been on my long-term TBR, at first I was a bit reluctant to read it because of certain misunderstandings about the plot. But now I’ve read the first chapter and a few reviews & it looks like my kind of book.
Before, I would’ve run away from anything described as Lovecraftian, but I realized after reading The Ballad of Black Tom that such books can be diverse as well as a challenge to the original Lovecraftian narrative, all while being their own original stories in themselves.

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings

An anthology in which fairy tales, myth, and folklore of East and South Asia are reimagined. Although I’m sad that there are none from Pakistan.

Authors include Renee Ahdieh,  Roshani Chokshi, Aliette de Bodard, Melissa de la Cruz, Julie Kagawa, Cindy Pon and Alyssa Wong.

A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe (The Salvagers #1) by Alex White

A Space opera, mystery, an ex-treasure hunter, a famous warship, a top driver in galactic racing, murder, smugglers, and adventure. I’ve heard it’s also LGBT, but the description doesn’t make it obvious.

The Book of Hidden Things by Francesco Dimitri

The cover made me do it! But that hanged dog in the corner makes me a bit wary of reading it. WARNING: Animals die!! Only brave souls try. It’s also by an Italian author, Francesco Dimitri, who is considered a master of Italian fantasy and this is his first book in English. I’m curious about reading more fantasy from other than the usual countries/language speakers.

Space Unicorn Blues by T.J. Berry

I’m not sure about this book yet but it seems like it would be funny in a weird way. Unicorns in Space! Also look at this first line: “When the murderer Gary Cobalt trotted into the Bitter Blossom, he nearly gave himself away as half-unicorn within thirty seconds.”

Silver on the Road (The Devil’s West #1) by Laura Anne Gilman

Someone with very similar tastes (who often likes the same authors as me) also liked this series so I was curious about it and got the first book. I did not even look at the description!

Natural History Heist of the Century by Kirk W. Johnson

I’m trying to read more Nonfiction, (and failing so far this year). I saw this book described in an article as a true crime without murder, I guess it is if you ignore all the dead birds!


What books did you get this month/week? Have you read or plan to read any of these? Anything look interesting? Tell me in the comments! 

Have a nice reading weekend!

11 thoughts on “New Books Acquired for the Hoard this Month (July 2018)”

    1. Thank you Jolene! ( your name reminds me of my very first friend in 1-2 class, also named Jolene!) The cover for Calculating Stars is my least favourite, yet it’s been really good so far! Hope the other books turn out well. Happy reading!

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  1. I have a copy of The Book of Hidden Things that I need to read soon, and I’m dying to read City of Lies and The Calculating Stars. Awesome haul, have fun reading!

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